Renewing the LINKE together

Inflation, climate, war - crises are threatening to overwhelm us. At the same time, the right is gaining ground and the left party LINKE is in danger of being thrown out of parliament in the next general election. That must not happen. We will no longer allow ourselves to be played off against each other. We can only fight for a just society together.

This requires a strong left party, that gets to the root of the problems and makes a tangible difference to people's lives. Unfortunately, the LINKE has failed to do this in recent years. That's why we want to renew the party together with you. So that people have a choice in 2025: Further to the right into the past - or to the left into a just future for all. We need you for this!

Our vision: 
A Left for everyone

This is how we can strengthen the LINKE till 2025:

Together, we win.

We are colleagues who want respect for our work. We are parents, children, trainees and students who are fighting for a livable future. We are migrants who demand equal rights in all aspects of life. As different as our stories are, we all want the same thing: a free, safe and happy life. We know that scapegoating doesn't help. Divided, we lose. But if we unite, we can win.

It's about everything.

The LINKE is the only party that challenges the system by asking: Who owns how much and why? The rich, corporations and their lobbies must not be allowed to determine our lives. We need to develop new rules for the economy and society. A good life for all is possible: if we organise housing, work, health, food, mobility and energy in the interests of the common good.

We stand at your side.

With a solidarity fund, we want to help simply and directly. Whether it's the threat of eviction because of missing out on the rent, expensive school materials or unexpected funeral costs, no request is too small for us. By limiting the salaries of our MEPs and members of the Bundestag and donating additional income, we can fund this idea. This way, we can support those people who are let down by the government and show that for us, politics is a service to society.

New people.

Always the same people in politics? No thanks! We are open to anyone who wants to get involved locally and help shape the future of society. We want to bring new people into politics who really care about the cause. To make it easier for them to join, we need clear rules: for example, a renewal quota. That way, we can create space for new people on our voting lists.

For a culture of respect.

Many of us experience sexism and racism in our everyday lives. Anyone who takes on responsibility in our organisation must not exploit their position of power. We don't tolerate discrimination, exclusion or sexualised violence. We want a party in which everyone can feel safe.

With these changes we can implement the programme.

This is why we need
a strong LINKE
Take part

The renewal of the LINKE is a process that we are now starting together - that's why we need you!

Let it out!

What's important to you regarding the renewal of the LINKE?

Get involved!

You want to be active in renewing the LINKE?

Make it official!

The usual monthly contribution depends on your income and financial possibilities.


The LINKE is the only party that doesn't accept donations from companies. We want it to stay that way, because this is exactly how we prevent corporations from influencing our politics. But to be able to work effectively, we need money. With your donation, you are specifically supporting the party's renewal process and ensuring that the LINKE will return to the Bundestag in 2025.


Jahresauftakt der Linken

12. bis 14. Januar 2024 in der Stadtmission in Berlin

Den Jahresauftakt 2024 möchten wir nutzen, um gemeinsam mit Dir und vielen anderen Genoss:innen unterschiedlichster Ebenen der Partei, darüber zu diskutieren, wie die nächsten Schritte aussehen könnten. Am Samstag (13.01.) finden drei Workshops statt, die sich ausschließlich mit dem Thema Erneuerung beschäftigen. 

Anmeldung zur Teilnahme am Jahresauftakt bis zum 05.01.2024 per Mail an:

Weitere Informationen findest du hier: Jahresauftakt 2024

We are
Eine Linke für alle

We are new and old party members, MPs and board members, employees of the LINKE and people from trade unions and movements.

In recent years, we have been involved in very different struggles. What unites us now is our concern about the political situation in our country.

That is why we have joined forces to form 'A Left for Everyone'. Together we want to organise the party's renewal process. You too can join us!

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